For the love of music!

Beyond the Studio offers in-home music lessons and music therapy sessions for students of all ages. More Information

Beyond the Studio brings music lessons and music therapy to you, in the convenience of your home with highly qualified and experienced music teachers and therapists. The goal of Beyond the Studio is to nurture a love of music and teach students the joy of making music for themselves. Studies show that music education enhances children’s ability to learn in all subject areas. Learning to read music will help encourage your child’s skill in reading, focus and attention span, and hand eye coordination.

4 Ways to Accelerate Learning with Music

During this informative webinar, Music Therapist and Beyond the Studio Co-Founder, Adrienne Pringle shares the research behind music and learning and ways to use it with our kids during homework time.

Lullabies for Bonding

Written by Cathy Thompson My youngest child is now 9 years old, although it seems that she is too old for her nightly lullabies, sometimes in moments when she is upset, I will simply start singing her lullabies (the nightly ones I’ve sang for years). She immediately seems to feel comfort and it’s a way for me to engage her while she’s upset. I

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What the heck is a Music Festival?

Written by Cathy Thompson, Co-Founder of Beyond the Studio and Founder of Beyond the Classroom As a parent of a vocal and piano student, I have heard a little about music festivals but I had no idea about the ins and outs until my daughter competed in the recent Peel Music Festival. Adrienne (the director at Beyond the Studio and my daughter’s teacher) had never brought

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