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Beyond the Studio brings music lessons to you, in the convenience of your home with highly qualified and experienced music teachers. The goal of Beyond the Studio is to nurture a love of music and teach children the joy of making music for themselves. Many studies show that music education enhances children’s ability to learn in all subject areas. Learning to read music will help encourage your child’s skill in reading, focus and attention span, and hand eye coordination.

Lullabies for Bonding

Written by Cathy Thompson My youngest child is now 9 years old, although it seems that she is too old for her nightly lullabies, sometimes in moments when she is upset, I will simply start singing her lullabies (the nightly ones I’ve sang for years). She immediately seems to feel comfort and it’s a way for me to engage her while she’s upset. I

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8 simple steps for using Music and Imagination with your children

By Adrienne Pringle, Music Therapist & Music Teacher, Co-Founder of Beyond the Studio The world of imagination and play is a necessity for healthy growth and development.  Many children easily live in a space between imagination and reality.  For children at play fantasy and dreams feel real and exciting.  Sharing experiences of imagination, play, and healthy relaxation time can nurture parent child bonds, teach

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Recital Time!!

By Adrienne Pringle, Music Therapist & Music Teacher, Co-Founder of Beyond the Studio March break is over.  Spring has sprung and the taste of summer is just over the horizon.  This is the time of year when we get to showcase what we have been working towards – and young music students are getting their pieces into shape for spring recitals. Recitals are an

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